Veronica Klaus welcomed us into her home one sunny San Francisco afternoon. We came for a photoshoot, a chat, and tea and ended up getting a glimpse into the life of a musician, stylist, writer, performer & chef (she just launched her own catering /dinner party planning business, Cafe Klaus!). Her latest album is an homage to one of her favorite singer/songwriters, Peggy Lee. “I just love her music and think it’s very under appreciated these days. People remember her novelty tunes, but as a Jazz singer, I think she’s vastly under appreciated. I can’t even remember how I was introduced to her; I probably heard Fever and then listened to other songs from then on. In the ‘50s, Jazz singers used to be called ‘popular singers’ and that’s changed a lot, because that music isn’t considered popular anymore.”

This is Veronica Klaus. Her music, her sass, her soul.


Money down the drain, sometimes
Reason to complain, sometimes
That’s how it’ll be
But there’ll be champagne, sometimes
Lobster flown from Maine, sometimes
We’ll ride the gravy train, sometimes. Just you wait and see.
Rain Sometimes on Lee ala V



The broken dates,
the endless waits,
the lovely loving and the hateful hates,
the conversations with the flying plates
I wish I were in love again!
I Wish I Were in Love Again 



Secretly I been tailing you
Like a fox that prays on a rabbits
Had to get you and so I knew
I had to learn your ways and habits
-Hunter Gets Captured by the Game 



Liberace had a chauffeur
Very young and handsome was he
He put up
And shut up
Until he was fed up
And then sued for Palimony
Fever with a Veronica spin



Life’s a gem in the palm of her hand
Could give a rats ass if they don’t understand
From that old home town
To a golden coast, you see
She’s lived a larger life than most
-Black Diamond Days

Listen to and purchase Veronica’s music at cdbaby, itunes or at her upcoming show:

April 3,2015
The Oasis 7:30 pm
The Very Best of Veronica Klaus with The Tammy Hall Trio
Purchase Tickets Here

For information on Cafe Klaus visit her Facebook page

 Photography by Anastasiia Sapon | words by Nicole J Duran

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