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Our Story

LUXe Cultura is a community of artists working to bring to light Californian art, design and culture. We are artists, stylists, and designers with a drive to work in what we believe in and inspire others to do the same.


The Team

Nicole J Duran – Founder &
Freelance art director, designer and curator with a Bachelor of Science. She loves exploring the worlds art and architecture while traveling as much as possible. She is always inspired by the outdoors and playing the ukulele.



Chelsea Duran Co-Founder & Editor
With a well rounded passion for everything artful and literary, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater from Florida International University. Her ideal afternoons are spent wandering a museum, spending time outdoors and re-reading her favorite books. Also, she likes sports.



Adriana Palacios – Social Media & Content Manager
Adriana is a full time social media + content manager at a marketing agency in downtown Miami as well as a freelance content manager, writer and editor. She holds a bachelor’s in communications and public relations from Florida International University. When’s she’s not developing content for clients, she’s writing and recording music.



Amanda Sandler – Writer & Photographer
As a gypsy like neuropsychologist existentialist, Amanda travels the world trying to bridge the gap between bias and reality, and then share it through her writing and photography. Also an avid bicyclist, she longs to bike the South of France.



Kirstin Kowlasky – Art Director & Advisory Board Member



Anastasiia Sapon – Photographer
Anastasiia is from Kiev, Ukraine. She grew up watching her father take photographs. Becoming a photographer seemed impossible back then but life gave her an amazing opportunity to become an artist and something that seemed impossible became a reality. She graduated from the Academy of Art University in 2013 with a BFA in Photography and has been working as a freelance photographer ever since.



Colin Quirt – Photographer
Colin’s journey into photography has brought him to places like Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and so much more. His love for traveling made it easy to specialize in traveling documentary and lifestyle photography, but doesn’t limit him to just that. With his training in the classic culinary arts, it was only fitting for him to want to dip his hands into food photography. Colin has worked for multiple magazines and is being showcased in The Knesset in Jerusalem. See more of his work at



Jenn Schmukler – Writer
Jenn Schmukler is a San Francisco-based copywriter, who hails from New York City. After graduating from Vanderbilt University with a dual degree in English and Communication Studies, she moved to San Francisco to attend grad school at Miami Ad School SF. As an advertising “creative,” she enjoys working in both traditional and digital mediums, and she writes for everything from radio and TV to social and print, as a copywriter for the Golden State Warriors.



Matt Fink – Writer
Matt Fink has been a Bay Area resident since his conception on or around the 1st of October, 1978.  His writing life started in early 2012 when he began contributing to the website of Stuart Schuffman, aka Brokeass Stuart, primarily within the sphere of San Francisco’s restaurant/bar scene (of which he’s been a part of since moving to the city in 2002 to study music).  In addition to his work for Mr. Schuffman, Matt’s work can be found on (natch) and BART’s auxiliary website,  These last two see him branching out beyond nightlife-related subjects to art, music and recreation.

If you’d like to get in touch with Mr. Fink, send him an email at, or come harass him at Rich Table, where he makes elaborate cocktails for Hayes Valley socialites.   



Erica M. Elizaldi – Art Director & Advisory Board Member
Erica is a senior visual designer with emphasis on Mobile Product Design. Her favorite font is Century Gothic. She is obsessed with creative process and problem solving. Erica is a firm believer that we never stop learning. It’s important to her to create an open learning environment for her team while encouraging them to embrace their creativity. Good leaders are bred from good teachers. Erica’s work can be found at

Our Contributors



Tyler Thournir – Photographer
Tyler Thournir is an internationally known, northern California based photographer. Most of his photography involves techniques such as long exposures, dramatic use of strobes, gradient filters and forced perspectives. He has displayed his work at wineries, cafes and theaters throughout California.  More of his work can be seen at



Thomas R. Wood – Photographer
Thomas R. Wood is a filmmaker and photographer who has only recently conceded to using so much of his full name. He uses words like ‘rhythm,’ ‘discovery,’ and ‘bullshit’ when discussing art. He is an optimist. He is a gun owner. He has a degree in philosophy from Berkeley. He can be found behind the lens of a fashion shoot or screening his short documentary in a festival near you.



Patrick Gerrity – Illustrator
Born in New York. Raised in Florida. Patrick followed the winds West to California where he’s lived and worked for the better part of fourteen years. A jack of trades, he knows art, design, animation and 3D. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1997. Likes cats and dogs.



Kimberly Grace Broderick – Writer
Kimberly Grace Broderick, a bon vivant full of wanderlust, slings drinks at a Los Angeles watering hole to help fill the pages of her passport. When she’s not trotting across the globe or petting every dog she passes, she’s sharing her everyday musings and technicolor style on



Bradley Bermont – Writer
Bradley Bermont grew up skiing in Big Sky, Montana. He lives in Los Angeles where he writes and surfs daily.



Illyanna Maisonet – Writer
Illyanna Maisonet is an Oakland-based Web Editor for Broke-Ass Stuart. She’s currently working on A Puerto Rican Cookbook that is set to release in Autumn 2015. Her food-centric misadventures can be found on her blog,; where she shares recipes, stories, her crush on chef Andy Ricker and how she hella loves her cat, Che.



Ryan Skinner – Photographer
Ryan Skinner is a designer turned photographer. After spending 12 years in ad agencies as a designer and retoucher on accounts ranging from MasterCard, Microsoft and Sony to boutique chocolatiers, Ryan started the transition to full-time photographer four years ago. With a clear understanding of industry needs he now combines this knowledge with his technical skills to produce compelling environmental portraits. Ryan lives in Fremont, Calif. with his wife and two boys.



Thomas Klann – Hair Stylist
Thomas Klann is a stylist at Smoke & Mirrors salon in downtown San Francisco. Since 1998 he has been devoted to mastering all aspects of the industry. He loves working editorial and runway as much as servicing a full clientele behind the chair.

Tea – Make-up Artist & Advisory Board Member
Tea (“tee”) aka Lamb. A multi-medium artist who hails from the SF/Bay Area, currently living in San Francisco. Self-taught through the guidance of formal training and courses at FIT, Parsons and CCSF. A proficient painter, ceramist, sculptor, designer and contributing makeup artist with LUXe Cultura. Previously selected for local art exhibits at SFMOMA, de Young and various local galleries. Currently working on a several creative projects. Website launch fall 2015.


Linn Stensby – Photographer
Norwegian born and Hawaiian raised photographer. A graduate with honors from the Art Institute of California with a degree in photography. She works between Los Angeles and the Hawaiian Islands and specializes in the combination of “Beauty Meets Controversy” but is also available for the more traditional work such as weddings and portraiture. For more information please visit